rental disputes


Renters and owners are able to submit a rental dispute. 

In order for claims to be deemed valid, the following requirements must be met:

  • a rental inspection report must be signed by both parties at the time of pick-up and the time of return, acknowledging any damage or loss beyond normal wear and tear. 

  • Owners must provide Borrowed Wedding with an itemized list (including item name, description, supplier/location of purchase, and replacement costs (CAD)) for each package, prior to any rentals taking place. Failure to provide this will result in forfeiture of any future claim of loss or damage pertaining to that package. 

  • Claims by either party must be submitted within 72 hours of the rental period end date

  • The rental must have been initiated and paid for in full through the Borrowed Wedding marketplace

  • The claim is not due to negligence or not following a regular or recommended maintenance schedule

  • Proof of damages must be included in the claim


Items that fall into the exclusions category will not be considered in claims:

  • Expendable items (light bulbs, batteries, etc.)

  • Illegal items

  • Items included on inspection reports with signatures from both parties


Items shared on the Borrowed Wedding platform, with the exception of packages listed by Borrowed Wedding Inc. directly,  are not insured by Borrowed Wedding. Owners are responsible for obtaining insurance on their rental items if they wish. Claims that arise from owner negligence or failure to conduct reasonable maintenance will not be covered. Rentals conducted outside of the Borrowed Wedding platform are not eligible for dispute resolution. In cases of dishonesty or misrepresentation regarding the value of items, Borrowed Wedding reserves the right to deny claims associated with them.


Claims must be submitted within 72 hours of the rental completion, or claims will be denied and payouts and security deposits returns will be initiated. 

To submit a claim or dispute:

  • Visit the Dispute Resolution page

  • Complete the Dispute Claim form at the bottom of the page

  • Identify the reason for your dispute

  • Enter an explanation and reason for the dispute, along with any evidence to support your claim

  • Upload the signed rental inspection report

  • Click submit to send the dispute

  • For eligible claims: a member of Borrowed Wedding will contact you regarding your claim and next steps

    • Claims eligible for reimbursement beyond the security deposit or rental amount will be invoiced to the responsible party by Borrowed Wedding, and are subject to the standard 17% service fee

  • Denied claims: you will receive an email identifying why your claim was denied

Please note that any claims may result in delayed release of payouts and security deposits. 


As a result of the theft of an Item during a rental, a police report must be filed prior to submitting a claim. Borrowed Wedding reserves the right to file its own police report where deemed necessary.


Borrowed Wedding will review all eligible claims without bias to determine the best solution for our members. We cannot guarantee a resolution timeframe, and any deductibles must be paid before funds will be released to either party. Any fraudulent and/or illegal activities will not be tolerated and any member suspected of such activities will be reported to local authorities with proof. Resolutions made by Borrowed Wedding (or representing authorities) are made in accordance with Borrowed Wedding’s terms of use and will be considered final.

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Signed inspection report
Photos or supporting docs.

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