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Laura Manson

professional photographer

Laura Manson is a professional photographer in Southern Alberta.

As a small town girl she grew up in southern Alberta surrounded by truly unique landscapes and feels so lucky to be close to the mountains and prairies. She lives for and documents YOUR story, memories and moments, and wants your photographs to be honest, truthful, timeless and to have depth.

Laura is serious when she needs to be but most of all she wants this experience to be fun and memorable. A time of your life when you remember not just hiring a photographer but when you meet a new friend.  Ultimately she's a goof, and loves to make others genuinely comfortable so you can create something with truth, grit, romance and honesty.

She started photography years ago to create longevity for a moment through a photograph or series of photographs.  So years and years can pass but yet there is still a document that exists of an exact moment, an exact memory. 

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