Everything you need to know to list & share a wedding

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Your experience listing a wedding package on Borrowed Wedding should be fun, simple and stress-free. This blog walks you through everything you'll need to do to create a listing, protect your items and make sure your packages adhere to the listing guidelines. Get started by downloading this checklist , or simply keep reading for all the details.

Sign-up and create your member profile.

Create a detailed inventory list.

  • Use this Inventory list & replacement value template to help you protect what's yours and avoid any issues in the unlikely event that items come back damaged, or don't come back at all. Simply fill it out and send us a copy.

Send us a copy of your detailed inventory list.

  • When your inventory list is complete, submit a copy of it to info@borrowedwedding.com. That way if any issues arise, we have documentation to resolve them in a quick manner.

Download the inspection report template and add your inventory to it.

  • This Inspection Report template holds both parties accountable to the state of items being rented. Use it at the start and end of a rental period to account for any damaged, lost or destroyed items.

Gather photos of your items.

  • You want prospective renters to be able to visualize what their big day will look like, so the more photos the better.

  • If you have professional photos from another event (and have permission from the photographer) feel free to use them. Just make sure you give a shout out to the photographer in the photo credit section when you create your listings.

  • In addition to lifestyle photos, we recommend posting individual photos of each item.

Click “List a wedding” and fill out the listing fields.

Review your listing for compliance:

To avoid any posting delays make sure your profile and listing(s) meet the following criteria:

  • Does your profile exclude business names, URLs or logos?

  • Does your package meet the minimum listing criteria? (Minimum of 5 items in accent, reception & ceremony packages; minimum of 15 items in full wedding packages)

  • Does your listing have a descriptive title?

  • Does your listing have a detailed description that includes:

  • a paragraph describing the package

  • itemized list of included items

  • Quantities of each item

  • Total retail/replacement value of your package

  • Additional rental periods (optional)

  • If you choose this option, did you create Promo codes in your member profile, so renter receive additional discounts at checkout?

  • Does the photos included in your package accurately represent the items?

  • Have you included an image of each item?

  • Does your package pricing adhere to the Borrowed Wedding price requirements? ** Borrowed Wedding requires each package to be discounted anywhere between 20-80% off their replacement value.

As always, we're here to help in any way we can, so hit us up at info@borrowedwedding.com if you have questions or need a hand with anything.

Happy sharing!


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